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Bologna enjoys a privileged geographical position at a natural crossroads within both Italy and Europe.
The Bologna “Guglielmo Marconi” International airport offers direct flights to major national and international destinations.
The Central railway station and the modern Bologna High-Speed Rail station are strategic elements in the railway network and together make up the most important rail interconnections in Italy.
Bologna is also a major road transport hub, accessible from all directions and serving as an interconnection between the major Italian motorways.

Bologna - EPRW 2022

Fusing haughty elegance with down-to-earth grit in one beautifully colonnaded medieval grid, Bologna is a city of two intriguing halves. One side is a hard-working, high-tech city located in the super-rich Po valley where suave opera-goers waltz out of regal theatres and into some of the nation’s finest restaurants. The other is a bolshie, politically edgy city that hosts the world’s oldest university and is famous for its graffiti-embellished piazzas filled with mildly inebriated students swapping Gothic fashion tips.

No small wonder Bologna has earned so many historical monikers. La Grassa (the fat one) celebrates a rich food legacy (ragù or bolognese sauce was first concocted here). La Dotta (the learned one) doffs a cap to the city university founded in 1088. La Rossa (the red one) alludes to the ubiquity of the terracotta medieval buildings adorned with miles of porticoes, as well as the city’s long-standing penchant for left-wing politics.

Bologna in the heart of Emilia Romagna

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Ask any Italian where their favourite place to eat is, and their response will undoubtedly be “mamma’s kitchen”. But if we change the context of the question and extend it to include a wider area, the answer will most likely be Emilia-Romagna.


Bologna, in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley

The passion for racing and motors runs through the veins in Emilia-Romagna. It is rare to find such a high concentration of car and motorcycle manufacturers, motor racing tracks, museums and collectors in one place.


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